We are exposed to news stories every day given to us through different forms of news outlets. These different outlets include photography, illustrations, video footage and quotes. If masses of news stations broadcasted unedited first-hand information nearly all news would become uninteresting. Our news is edited and packaged in a way creating the information to become more engaging and palliative for the viewers. We become more engrossed with news when it affects us personally and when the story has a narrative.

Live footage captures and holds viewers attention as it is happening in real time. The use of composition and editing of footage creates a narrative thus maintaining the viewer’s attention. The narration that drives the story also has to be driven from the script. Furthermore, news stories will interview an authority figure portraying to the audience that the information given is a serious issue. Additionally, a representative from the catholic church would be used in the report. However, since exposure to recent events that have occurred by the catholic church. There is less exposure of interviews from the catholic church as fewer people are seeking answers from their religion. The editing of charts displays the severity or epidemic of the subject creating more engagement. How the story is framed affects how people engage with it. The re-presentation of information is fabricated and molded in a way that is more entertaining. The use of photography shots while a voice-over of the reporter is used in news reports again creating a serious note on the report.

If the information has no narrative then the story is less entertaining. Some news reports will use the story until it is over-used and exhausted. Every news report is edited in a way that is more entertaining to the audience. However, if all news reports are edited and packaged in a way, what really is the difference between the truth and reality.

Advertising Image of Women

Women’s bodies are sexually objectified through the media especially through print advertisement. We are exposed up to 2,000 advertisements a day (SJ Insights, LLC, 2017). This can have an effect on how women perceive their own bodies. Women’s bodies are portrayed in western culture as tall slender bodies. Additionally, men’s bodies are seen as tall muscular bodies in the western world. However, in different cultures, we see a dynamic change in body shapes. This is due to what is mediated to us through advertisements. Advertisements are seen as a reflection of our society. However, applications such as Instagram and Snapchat have altered the way in which women think about their body as they are exposed to many more body shapes through social media.

As we are exposed up to 2,000 advertisements every day this can have a psychological effect on our perception of our own bodies and the bodies of others. We subconsciously process advertisements. This then has an effect on our cognitive process in relation to our bodies thus can have an effect on women’s body dissatisfaction and internalization of body standards.

This advertisement is for menswear, however, the use of the women’s bodies as an object is still being utilized in a clothing advert for men. This advert is used for western society.  The ideological concept behind this advertisement is that the man is in charge standing over the women, who is seen has an object being viewed in her slender form.


Tom Ford are notorious for the sexually objectifying women’s and the dismemberment of body shapes through the media.




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